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  A Real-Life Fatal Attraction — SHEILA DAVALLOO The murder of a love rival, a ‘sex’-game gone wrong, an attempted murder plot and a fatal attraction. The real-life story of Sheila Davalloo is almost as bat-shit as she is. Murderess Sheila Davalloo It all started with a workplace romance between Sheila and her handsome colleague Nelson Sessler and it ended in the brutal murder of Anna-Lisa Raymundo — Sheila's love rival and Nelson’s fiancĂ©e.  This is a true story that is Shakespearean in nature with its age-old themes of jealousy, hatred, love and vengeance. Sheila is an Iranian/American murderess currently serving her time in Bedford Hills, Connecticut. At the time of the slayings Sheila was a pharma researcher with a seemingly perfect life — as clichĂ© as that may sound. Sheila was happily married to Paul Christos, she had an excellent career as a research scientist for Purdue Pharma and her husband Paul was studying for his own doctorate in epidemiology. They were a new family ta