A Real-Life Fatal Attraction — SHEILA DAVALLOO

The murder of a love rival, a ‘sex’-game gone wrong, an attempted murder plot and a fatal attraction. The real-life story of Sheila Davalloo is almost as bat-shit as she is.

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Murderess Sheila Davalloo

It all started with a workplace romance between Sheila and her handsome colleague Nelson Sessler and it ended in the brutal murder of Anna-Lisa Raymundo — Sheila's love rival and Nelson’s fiancée. 

This is a true story that is Shakespearean in nature with its age-old themes of jealousy, hatred, love and vengeance.

Sheila is an Iranian/American murderess currently serving her time in Bedford Hills, Connecticut. At the time of the slayings Sheila was a pharma researcher with a seemingly perfect life — as cliché as that may sound.

Sheila was happily married to Paul Christos, she had an excellent career as a research scientist for Purdue Pharma and her husband Paul was studying for his own doctorate in epidemiology. They were a new family taking home six figure sums.

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What appeared to be Sheila’s downfall was her obsession with another man…

Despite her marriage to Paul, Sheila developed an intense devotion to Nelson Sessler. And it was clear to see how and why; Nelson was handsome, successful and extremely charming — he also did nothing to abate Sheila’s feelings.

Instead, Nelson entered the affair willingly and eagerly, that of course does not implicate him in any of the carnage that resulted from the affair. But what seemed at face value to be nothing more than a workplace tryst then escalated into a fatal attraction with Sheila the Svengali and manipulative plotter trying to get away with multiple murders to get what she wants. 

What you have to understand about Sheila is that she is a narcissist and on top of her narcissism was a need to control. Sheila was and likely still is, a nasty shit.

Initially it was just a workplace affair between the married Sheila and the engaged Nelson. However; Sheila’s grip on reality loosened as the affair escalated. Even to the point where Sheila had concocted pseudonyms for the parties involved (Jack and Melissa replacing Sheila and Nelson) and would even ask her own husband for his advice on whether “Jack” loved “Melissa”. Oblivious to it all; Paul Christos (Sheila’s husband) would give “Melissa” advice on whether “Jack” loved her and how to win "Jack's" affections. 

Paul would unknowingly suggest to his own wife on how she should cheat. Sheila would hack into Nelson’s voicemails and “accidentally” book plane trips on the next aisle to where Nelson was sitting. She would wait outside Anna-Lisa’s house with lock picks and stun guns. All Sheila talked about was “Melissa & Jack” to the point where her husband, her friends and her family were sick of hearing about it. 

Her obsession for Nelson and this workplace tryst was growing and it was growing like a deadly cancer. Sheila wasn’t far off setting the rabbits to boil. This was a real life fatal attraction and you have to ask yourself two things. How did it escalate into murder and what the fuzz was Nelson thinking?

The Love Triangle

Anna-Lisa was found beaten, stabbed and bludgeoned to death in her own home with two tiny marks to indicate that she was stunned before the attack. Anna-Lisa however was strong for her small stature and it was evident to investigators that she put up one hell of a fight. The sheer rage and anger with which Anna-Lisa was killed was highly disturbing. Whoever killed her did this in a fury. Anna-Lisa had stab marks to her face and trauma to the back of her head evidently caused by a dumbbell. The police identified that this was a murder of immense hatred.

Around the time of the killing there was a caller on 911 who stated that they witnessed the attack and saw a man fleeing the area. The caller was evidently Sheila Davalloo. Police nevertheless had never even heard of Sheila at this point and understandably begun investigating Anna-Lisa's fiancée Nelson as the prime suspect — the very man that had a nap in a spare room after being told that Anna-Lisa had been beaten to death. The plan however did work for Sheila, as she was initially right there to console the grieving Nelson and the affair commenced again not long after Nelson initially ended it…

There were romantic dinners and skiing trips away and Sheila was the ballast for the grieving Nelson.

There was now just her husband in the way.

One night not long after the throttling of Anna-Lisa, Sheila suggested to Paul that they play a game. The game involved a blindfold, handcuffs and the rubbing of household objects against the blindfolded person. It was a guessing game. Paul Christos was eager to please a wife that he felt he was drifting away from and agreed to the harmless game. It appeared that there was no sexual element to the game but instead was exactly as described — a handcuffed guessing game that was Sheila’s idea. Ultimately, Sheila had used the game as a pretext to murder when she pulled out a knife and with all her might threw it down into Paul’s chest. Paul felt the life leaving him immediately as he lay handcuffed and bleeding to death before Sheila. 

Christos felt his lungs puncture and the life escape him as he begged for Sheila to call 911. Instead; Sheila phoned Sessler and invited him over for dinner while her husband lay dying in the other room. Paul persisted in pleading for his life and managed to convince Sheila to drive him to this hospital. Sheila put Paul in the backseat and headed towards the hospital but then begun a second attempt at killing Paul with the offending knife a begun hacking away at him from the backseat of his car.  

Fighting for his life and dramatically realising that Sheila’s intention was to kill Paul, he managed to fight back and take the knife off of Sheila. It was at this point that Paul had found help and was taken to the hospital for treatment. The knife had made contact with Paul’s heart and Paul required immediate heart surgery…

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Sheila’s story flip-flopped and changed in the police interview afterwards — as she spun tales about self-defence, the ‘sex game’ gone wrong and that Paul had fallen on the knife but the police knew the kind of person they were dealing with. They didn’t tell Sheila that Paul had survived the knife attack and she was lead to believe that Paul had died, managing to fall into the police’s line of questioning.

It was when Paul survived and was able to testify that Sheila realised she was done for.

But not doomed… the murderess was of course only being charged on the attempted murder. There was still a murder that Sheila had gotten away with so far.

With the police still looking at Nelson — Nelson was still keeping ominously quiet about Sheila and the police had no idea as to who Sheila even was.

You have to wonder how stupid Nelson is? Did he know that the obsessive mistress was linked to the murder of his fiancée? The mistress that had re-entered his life at the most perfect time and was now being charged with attempted murder. Nelson never mentioned Sheila to the police and it took a long long time to tie her to the brutal slaying of Anna-Lisa Raymundo.

The Key Evidence

It took awhile but the police managed to find key evidence to link Sheila to the murder of Anna-Lisa Raymundo. Firstly; the conviction for attempted murder didn’t help Sheila’s case. Sheila received a 25-year sentence for trying to kill Paul Christos — in a heated trial where Paul testified against his own wife.

The other factors that emerged for the police was the call to Nelson Sessler, which remarkably opened the case and gave the police a prime suspect. There was the Purdue Pharma key card which Sheila used to exit work during the middle of the day (presumably once she discovered that Anna-Lisa was working from home), the 911 call which was identified as matching Sheila’s voice and there was the DNA evidence — a speck of blood left on the sink of Raymundo’s bathroom. This was where Sheila presumably went to clean off a cut from her hand (caused by cutting herself while stabbing Anna-Lisa).

The case however would not come together until 2012 when Sheila was finally put on trial for the murder of Anna-Lisa Raymundo (five years after being charged with murder). And then Sheila did the third stupidest thing in her life. 

She represented herself at the trial.

Here is a case where almost the entirety of the evidence hinges on a 911 phone call and voice identification and Sheila decides to be her own lawyer throughout the trial. So, for hundreds of hours and for months on end, the jury was exposed to Sheila’s voice.

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Piers Morgan described Davalloo as one of the most dangerous people he’s ever met. And she is extremely dangerous…

Sheila Davalloo is a self-deluded narcissist that tried to murder a husband that loved her and then took the life of a wonderful and intelligent person, all for a man that didn’t even want her for anything other than sex. Sheila is a dangerous and evil person. But she’s also an idiot. She concocted a weird fantasy world over Nelson Sessler and then preceded to attempt to commit the two perfect murders. She failed. She represented herself at trial and compromised her own defence, she left a trail of breadcrumbs in both cases for the police to eat up and she’s now where she belongs — rotting away for the rest of her life.

Sheila received a sentence of 50 years for the murder to Anna-Lisa this was to be served consecutively to the 25 years for the attempted murder to Anna-Lisa. 

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Sheila Davalloo Found on Twitter
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Taken away for 25 years and 50 years consecutively


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