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Every day for Brian begins and ends with the eye watching him – every day. It all started two weeks ago and it’s been relentless ever since. The eye is everywhere. When Brian’s at work the eye is watching him from inside his computer screen. Or staring at him reflecting off the coffee maker. The eye flames bright and big, its lashes are long and dark and it’s colour is the shade of brown. It’s especially bright when he’s with Helen. Like the eye knew all along. Helen doesn’t see the eye. Brian will be watching the television and the eye will shine through the screen and beam out towards Brian. “Do you see it?” Brian will say. “See what?” Helen will usually reply. It started on that night two weeks back when Brian drove down to the quarry. The eye was flashing across his windscreen and into his field of vision as he drove, he could barely see anything else. At first Brian thought it was the streetlights, but when he got off the major roads and down those country roads that don’t have an


 [ Author's note. This is the opening chapter for a planned 20 Chapter Novel about a boxer] FIGHT ONE Hamish was making his professional debut as a boxer. He didn’t look much like a Light Heavyweight; he was scrawny and bony but he was tall – six-five in fact and that made up a lot of his weight. Hamish couldn’t believe the words when he heard them back – HEAVYWEIGHT. Inevitably the word light was in front of the word heavy but it still rang out with an air of indestructibility. I am a (light) HEAVYWEIGHT. Under-estimation was the key and they were always underestimating Hamish. Even in the amateurs; they took one look at this skinny, tall gangly teenage boy with spots and braces and thought, this guy is in the wrong sport. And that happened – a lot. And then Hamish would go in there and one well executed punch could be felt right through you into your tip toes. Hamish only lost one fight as an amateur, and that was a disqualification from a clash of heads. But here he