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  The first American female serial killer Lizzie Halliday THIN LIZZIE A cross-continental homicidal lunatic with a range of nefarious pseudonyms. Lizzie Halliday was  the   Catskill Ripper, the New York Ripper  and most famously  the Worst Woman on Earth [New York Times]. Halliday was born as Lizzie McNally in 1859 Ireland, born just a year before her namesake Lizzie Borden, she would go on to commit far worse crimes than the original Lizzie and garner less fame and attention. This is the story of the Irish American serial killer Lizzie Halliday. Lizzie terro r ized Hudson Valley, New York in the 1890s; just a few years after the gruesome Whitechapel murders started. Lizzie’s reign coinciding with both Jack the Ripper (Lizzie is sometimes listed as a suspect for these crimes) and Lizzie Borden — Halliday would generate less fame than the notorious Lizzie Borden but looking at the crimes, Lizzie was equally (if not more) bloodthirsty than her counterparts. Lizzie emigrated to the United