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Bridget had wanted a big wedding her entire life…  That special day with everybody from her school, her street, her old job and her church could attend & celebrate her - Bridget for a change.  Bridget was twirling in front of the mirror in her long flowing custom made gown. The long white train at the back sat heavy on the floor. Much too heavy to carry alone.  She was waiting for her mother to arrive and carry the train down the aisle. Her mother, the only guest of the day besides her and Mark - like she said, it would have to be big on spirit and not on guests.  The legalities of the affair could be dealt with after (the witnesses, the certificates, the registry-office) - all Bridget today wanted was the spirit of the wedding to be complete - as the mother that single-handedly raised her; walked her down the aisle and Mark, the love of her life, handsome in his black tuxedo, smiling at his approaching princess.  It was all a surprise to Gail as she entered to see her daughter all

The Girls Wrote a Poem [SHORT SCARY STORY]

You got to love the girl’s creativity – they don’t get it from me. Today I heard my girl’s singing the funniest poem. I have four girls and a beautiful wife. There’s me Heather, Anna, Charlotte, Christie and my wife Daisy. My wife and I have been married twenty years and we’ve had our ups and downs in this house, but we’ve always stuck together and been there for one another no matter what. And what I value most about my wife is her loyalty and her trustworthiness. The two girls Heather and Anna, I am not so sure about and I always tell them. I always say to them two: Listen, girls, don’t be like the other two – don’t end up like Charlotte and Christie. The reason I say that is because Charlotte and Christie cannot be trusted. Running their mouths off at that school and telling their friends – daddy does this, mummy does that. I don’t want Heather and Anna to be like that. So, I give them fair warning because when them two flew the coop, I knew that I hadn’t done enough. We failed ther

Dear Jeff [Short Scary Story]

07/07/20 – 21:29 Dear Jeff, Guess who? Yes. It’s me Rose. I know you kind of said about not emailing you ever again (God you’re so dramatic!) but I really just want to get some final closure and talk about things a bit more. Firstly; I never got closure from you after what happened between us. I know it is complicated because of your relationship now with Siobhan and what we have been through in the courts. I know! I know! I just want you to know one thing. I still think about you. I still love you. I still dream about you and your milky body flowing between my lips. That strong chin, those brave and courageous eyes. The way you used to hold me firmly in your bear like paws and kiss me hard. I am sorry for what happened and that you thought I came on too strong during our two months together and when we first started dating and maybe I was a bit needy and came across as insecure; and I did message you incessantly. But you have to understand Jeff that I  am  insecure and this came from

Breakdown Service [500 word thriller]

Esmeralda sat on her car and waited at the side of the road for a kind stranger on a dark night to help her. What she got was Stefan. Fat, hairy, belching Stefan pulling up in his Peugeot 3008 and smiling that fat, toothless smile. “You got car trouble?... Stefan.” Stefan introduced himself and spat a blackened wad – wiping his mouth across his hairy arm. “Yes, I have been broken down here for awhile.” Esmeralda said. Deer in headlights, Stefan thought, I can have some fun with her.  He smiled that long toothless smile again. Esmeralda felt revolted.  "I can help you out if you really want me to. But what’s it worth?” Stefan rubbed his crotch and spat again. I could be in a real predicament here. Esmeralda felt that isolated, helpless fear creeping. “I just want my car fixed or I can wait for the breakdown service, that’s all.” Esmeralda said, her voice wavering with a slight quiver. “Alright, alright – well, let me see.” Stefan said. He walked over to the side of

Dinner Time [A 500 Word Horror]

It was a pleasing ritual for Vivienne to cook a meal for her love Marco. Light candles, put the player on and play a light jazz, stare into each other’s eyes. Tonight was a steak, boiled potatoes with a honey glaze and red-wine jus. A meal fit for a king, a meal perfect for a devoted-husband. Marco was once a worldy go-getter, constantly away on work. Now Marco spent all his time in that room with his books and his thoughts – a solitary, skittish-figure.   It pleased Vivienne greatly to know that as Marco aged and responsibilities caught up with him, he had become more docile – content to spend time alone and less restless   - this relationship would have died long ago had Marco always been elsewhere. The dinner ritual was important for them.   A chance to communicate and lay down a foundation of trust. It also was a chance for Marco to be regular, not the hermetic creep he’d become.   “So how was your day?” Vivienne asked; the way a good wife asks a good husband. Ask a

Pigs [500 word horror]

There was nothing peculiar about this farm. The pigs were genetically bred to be hungry -  always . Insatiable, ravenous -  “as greedy as a pig” . That was the way Leonard bred his pigs and that was the way he liked it. He’d run the farm for 25 years this way and he knew the fatter the pig, the bigger the yield of bacon. It’s how all pig farms are run. “Whatever happens. Do not let the pigs get hungry.” Leonard had told Raymond on his first day. The words stuck with Raymond and anytime he fed them, he knew this was one of the days’ most important tasks. Lionel was Raymond’s favourite pig. Lionel was the biggest, eldest and smartest. Whenever Raymond threw down the slop; Lionel was the one forcing his way through to the front of all the other pigs and greedily eat everything. Quite a character this pig is  - Raymond would think. Raymond’s weakness was whiskey and in the six months working at Leonard’s farm, he wasn’t sober a damn day. Not that he gave a shit, he was there to work the la