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THE SCORPION AND THE FROG (Colourised) The relationship was drawing to a close; it was time for Rebecca to end it. It’d been a year for Rebecca (AKA Brown Eyes) and she’d settled in to a quieter life with Marc while she waited for the heat to die down. A year of her life with Marc. A year of domestic bliss. It was all dinner parties and engagements, flowers whenever she came home and home cooked pasta bake melting in the oven. She hadn’t hated it, but she grew bored of it and things just came to an end. It wasn’t even her decision really.   “End it and come home.” The Man said down the phone to her. She knew what that meant. Nothing more needed to be said. The relationship was over. She didn’t need Marc anymore. That was that... End it. And so, she arranged a boat trip for them both. Rebecca and Marc. A fishing trip in fact. She had never been fishing before.   She knew Marc liked fishing and she knew Marc was desperate to get her doing things that he loved. Marc was p

I Am Mr. Handsome [SHORT STORY]

I Am Mr. Handsome I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go.  I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go.  Looking for an invitation to arrive.  I am Mr. Handsome. I am sure you have heard of me. My reputation precedes me.  I won’t tell you too much about me but every story needs at least a setting? Well, there is only so much I can tell you that will give you a taste of the kind of person I am and what I do but not give the entire game away.  So, first things first. I am Mr. Handsome and I live in the city of London. That’s London, England. Not London, Ontario. Not London, Michigan. Or London, Kentucky.  No - I am from London, England. The same city where Old Jack comes from. That’s right. Jack The Ripper. And I see myself as a 21st Century Jack. They’ll never catch me. Try as they might. They will never catch me. I am the spiritual successor to Jack…  I live in a small apartment alone. I work a fairly menial job which allows me to go under the radar and there’s really not much in my daily lif

The Girls Wrote a Poem [SHORT SCARY STORY]

You got to love the girl’s creativity – they don’t get it from me. Today I heard my girl’s singing the funniest poem. I have four girls and a beautiful wife. There’s me Heather, Anna, Charlotte, Christie and my wife Daisy. My wife and I have been married twenty years and we’ve had our ups and downs in this house, but we’ve always stuck together and been there for one another no matter what. And what I value most about my wife is her loyalty and her trustworthiness. The two girls Heather and Anna, I am not so sure about and I always tell them. I always say to them two: Listen, girls, don’t be like the other two – don’t end up like Charlotte and Christie. The reason I say that is because Charlotte and Christie cannot be trusted. Running their mouths off at that school and telling their friends – daddy does this, mummy does that. I don’t want Heather and Anna to be like that. So, I give them fair warning because when them two flew the coop, I knew that I hadn’t done enough. We failed ther

The Siegrist Massacre [NON FICTION TRUE CRIME]

Eugen Siegrist -Säckinger (62 at the time of death)   Elsa Clara Siegrist- Säckinger (63) – Eugen’s wife Anna Westhauser-Siegrist (80) – Eugen’s sister  Max Westhauser (49) – son of Anna Emanuel Westhäuser (52) -  son of Anna Westhäuser-Siegrist Taking place during the Pentecost of 1976 over a dark weekend in Switzerland. The murders occurred in a protected forest in Seewen, Switzerland. Five people were found murders by a Winchester Rifle. Thirteen Rounds were fires and eleven shots hit the targets. The bullets were struck with a frightening precision. The house was named Waldeggli located in a small allotment garden. The crime was discovered on June 6 th  1976 by a female walker. When the police arrived four corpses were found in the house with a fifth carefully wrapped in a carpet on the terrace. Much speculation surrounds why a killer decided to fire 13 bullets into this mild and functional family over a quiet weekend in Switzerland. The Murders The murders were notable due to the


People go missing whenever Dad’s around. I can’t explain it. They just disappear. Mum disappeared. Greg disappeared. And now Stephanie has disappeared. What’s the latest caper? I’ve not been out of prison one week and I am sitting in the back of his car and he’s handing me an envelope with a map inside. It’s one of those safe storage centres. There’s a few brands around: Big Yellow Storage – the print out said.   He tells me that he knows someone that made off with all these precious First Edition Books in a murder/house-robbery and he’s got them stored in one of those big storage centres. “Books?” I say, “you can’t even read.” Never learned how to read. Never saw the need to. That’s why I was holding the map to the storage centre. “Someone tells me you get these books, they’re classics, almost 90 years old. They sell for about twenty thousand pounds a copy – that’s one book. You know Deacon? He managed to get inside a bookseller’s house. Made off with all these p

Havana Syndrome [Non-Fiction]

The Cuba Thaw begun in 2014 ending 54 years of hostility and cold war between the USA and Cuba; this culminated in Barack Obama visiting Cuba in March 2016 and the opening up of formal relations between the two countries and their long and complex history of love and war. The New Republic deemed the Cuban thaw to be Obama’s finest foreign policy achievement and was compared to Clinton’s opening of relations between Vietnam and USA. The successes of Cuba Thaw promised a new optimistic relationship between the two. In 2015 the “Interest Section” in Cuba and USA in Washington and Havana were upgraded into Embassies. But it was the strange health problems of the American and Canadian staff in their Havana embassies that led to accusations of Cuba perpetrating an unspecified attack and the US subsequently recalling all non-essential personnel. Let’s look further at ‘Havana Syndrome’ – a neurological disorder that has been reported not just in Cuba but also has popped up in China. Symptoms: