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The Girls Wrote a Poem [SHORT SCARY STORY]

You got to love the girl’s creativity – they don’t get it from me. Today I heard my girl’s singing the funniest poem. I have four girls and a beautiful wife. There’s me Heather, Anna, Charlotte, Christie and my wife Daisy. My wife and I have been married twenty years and we’ve had our ups and downs in this house, but we’ve always stuck together and been there for one another no matter what. And what I value most about my wife is her loyalty and her trustworthiness. The two girls Heather and Anna, I am not so sure about and I always tell them. I always say to them two: Listen, girls, don’t be like the other two – don’t end up like Charlotte and Christie. The reason I say that is because Charlotte and Christie cannot be trusted. Running their mouths off at that school and telling their friends – daddy does this, mummy does that. I don’t want Heather and Anna to be like that. So, I give them fair warning because when them two flew the coop, I knew that I hadn’t done enough. We failed ther

Nightmare Mead (The Street Where I Live) - HORROR POEM

There’s strange activity on the street where I live. The kind of behaviour that’s impossible to forgive. Where the living are at rest and the dead come to feed. What’s the name of the place I hear you ask? Why I live right on the street of  Nightmare Mead. Let me tell you about the family at number 5 Nightmare Mead. What happens when evil gets to breed? They bury their children at the back of Nightmare Mead. You ever heard of Fred and Rosemary West? These two make the Wests look like vicars dressed up in the Sunday best. It’s not all bad for the children that live at number five, all I can say is that at least three out of seven are still alive. Did I tell you about the bachelor at number 69? Dedicates himself to his own personal time. But this is sorrowful for those that fit into his downtime. For the bachelor preys on the young children he can trap during playtime. Rumour has it he’ll devour you before your bedtime. In Number 27 there’s a man destined for heaven. Father Callahan is t