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CHIMP WARS: How Two Societies of Chimpanzees Engaged in a Four-Year Civil War Initially observed by famous researcher Jane Goodall in the 1970s. The true story of the Chimpanzee wars revealed a huge anthropological finding in our own human ability for societies to splinter and separate. The story goes that a tribe of Chimpanzees engaged in war during a societal split; when a large party of the tribe mutinied and separated. This caused a four-year war over territory and resources between the great apes. The GOMBE WAR reveals an inner truth about our own human propensity for genocide and bloodshed. It is regrettable that since colonial independence Africa as a continent has been subject to many civil wars including the horrors of the Congo, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Angola and Libya. However; the Gombe War is the strangest African war that you will read; it is a key piece in the puzzle of human creation — it is a story that is 10 million years in the making. The setting was the Gombe Stream Nat

TRAVEL: What the Burnt Remains of Kangaroo Island Told Me About Ourselves [NON FICTION]

Medium Article During early 2020 I was travelling Australia when the bushfires had started to calm down and the negative start to this year begun to ebb into a positive. Around that time COVID-19 was a strange exotic disease that would never disrupt the safety and security of the life I had back in the United Kingdom. After all, it seemed like these things always stayed far away and never really ravaged the West (SARS, Ebola, Swine Flu?). How stupid I was… At this time, global warming was the prescient issue on everyone’s minds, and it felt like we were hurtling closer and closer towards the sun every day. And I managed to see first-hand the destruction that was happening to this planet. And it is a case of self-destruction. THE ISLAND Australia is a special place… But Kangaroo Island typifies everything special about Australia and more so. It is strange, exotic and it is home to some of the wildest marsupials in a habit about as pure as you could imagine. Lying just off